The New Suites Rome by Vanessa Foglia

The new concept of Suites Rome was created by looking at the roots of the well-known stylist Vanessa Foglia and the history of the location, in fact, it was born thanks to the friendship and professional union with Svetlana Chulkova, entrepreneur in the hospitality sector in Thailand, Italy and Spain, and thanks totheir common visions the new Small Luxury Hotel “Suites Rome” by Vanessa Foglia was born who, with her art and her creations also inspired the Suites Rome Hotel, so much so that in it you can admire some of Vanessa's creations.
The Suites Rome, in fact, will give vent to Vanessa's artistic fantasies by trying to create a mini Museum that will tell the story of the Atelier where sketches, paintings, tapestries and clothes will frame the living room and give life to a new and unique experience.

About Vanessa

Vanessa was born in the atelier of her mother Domitilla "Raffaella"; who changed the history of the bride in the 60-70s with ivory flowing dresses and wonderful capes, Vogue covers with her wonderful dresses, the care and detail made her the most famous designer in the field of bridal on a global level, over the yearsthe Atelier transformed into a colorful world, a flowery meadow where Vanessa gave life to her creations which gave vent to her passion for painting and so she began to create dresses imagining painting on them it.

In the 90s, thanks to her cultural and professional background and above all thanks to her conviction not to follow fashion but to create it, Vanessa began her journey that would give life to the Abitart brand.

Over the course of her artistic career, Vanessa has dressed various characters from the world of entertainment and art.

Her collections are born from a complex use of geometry and fabrics, with inserts of different materials, expandable elements such as zips and buttons that reinvent spaces and change the shape, creating clothes that transform on one's body.